About Us

We are a purebred Designer French Bulldog breeder based in Northern California. We’re passionate about raising well structured Lilac and Fluffy Frenchies to be healthy, well-mannered dogs and matching them up with a loving forever home. We specialize in producing rare Lilac Fluffy Frenchies. While we are based in Northern California, we provide puppies to loving homes and small breeding programs all across the United States. If you’re looking for your new furry best friend, Hope Ranch Frenchies has the right pup for you!

Ryda's Parents: Ryda's Dad was a full fluffy so all of her puppies will carry the fluffy gene

Ryda's Baby Daddy: Drip, with Pine Rock French Bull Dogs. Drip is a full fluffy and he is son to Yolo. Drip weighs close to 22 pounds.

Ryda: Here is the Mama Frenchie, she is a lilac, she carries fluffy.  Ryda weighs 19 pounds.

Ryda Pups

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